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Cops And Friends of Cops — A Play By Ron KlierCops And Friends of Cops — A Play By Ron Klier

Cops And Friends Of Cops is a classic morality play, as much about what's right and wrong, as it is a thrilling moment-to-moment suspense-fueled ride. It introduces us to five men: Paul, Dom, Emmett, Sal, and Roosevelt. Men of different ages and life experiences.
On this night Paul walks into the bar with a secret. Dom, the bartender, just wants to get through his shift. Roosevelt's had just about enough of his partner Sal's bullying sense of humor. So begins this two-act play occurring roughly in real-time about regret, loss, explicit and implicit racism, and wrestling with masculine identity in a constantly-changing contemporary America.

VS. Theatre Company presents the World Premiere of

Cops And Friends Of Cops

Written & Directed By Ron Klier


Rolando Boyce, Johnny Clark,
Andrew Hawks, Paul Vincent O'Connor
& Gareth Williams



Produced By
Andrew Carlberg & Johnny Clark

Production Stage Manager- Tommy Dunn
Produciton Designer- Danny Cistone
Lighting Designer- Derrick McDaniel
Costume Designer- Gelareh Khalioun
Violence Designer- Ned Mochel
Makeup and Special Effects Artist- Justine Vickery
Associate Producer- Mercedes Manning
Box Office Manager- Marcy Capoferri