VS. Theatre Company presents

On An Average Day
by John Kolvenbach

directed by Ron Klier

with Johnny Clark & Stef Tovar

produced by James Rooney,

Kimberly-Rose Wolter & Johnny Clark

scenic design Danny Cistone
lighting design Derrick McDaniel
sound design Ron Klier
costume design
Gelareh Khalioun & Erin Mueller
fight choreography Ned Mochel
graphic design Liesel Kopp
stage manager Carole Ursetti
public relations Ken Werther Publicity

“John Kolvenbach’s richly humanistic play about two brothers, one schizophrenic, one “normal,” but both tortured by the aftereffects of their emotionally isolated childhoods, is authoritatively rendered by director Ron Klier and performers Johnny Clark and Stef Tovar, who give performances of virtuostic volatility and depth”
—Critics Choice!!!, LA Times (read full review)

 “A searing, often hilarious history of family disintegration that benefits from helmer Ron Klier’s relentless, in your face, staging…Clark offers a tour de force portrait of a chaotic, paranoid soul victimized by jagged shards of memory, rendering him incapable of providing direct responses to anything.”
—Variety (read full review)

“On an Average Day” is an emotionally charged play extraordinarily well acted, monumental in its passion, and mind-boggling in its intensity.  You won’t come away singing its theme song, but you will be left with admiration and wonderment for a play that is beyond awesome.”
—CurtainUp.com (read full review)

“An emotionally harrowing yet subtly compassionate work, John Kolvenbach’s tragicomedy recalls the brutal family-dysfunction dramas of Sam Shepard coupled with the enigmatic subtext of Harold Pinter’s works.  In director Ron Klier’s riveting rendition of this London-bred play, Johnny Clark and Stef Tovar deliver inspired and deeply moving performances.”
—CRITICS PICK!!!, Backstage West (read full review)